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Longfin Super Red Pleco

Longfin Super Red Pleco

Longfin Super Red Bristlenose Pleco

Ancistrus sp.

Juvenile home bred longfin Super Red Plecos. These are in the 2” range and are unsexed.

They have been raised in 7.8PH water but can handle most freshwater parameters.

Very hardy and easy to keep plecos that will only get up to 5”-6” long. Peaceful temperament but may fight for dominance with other plecos if not given enough space.

They have been raised in my fish room from birth and are from my multi-generation selective bred stock. They eat algae wafers, zucchini, green beans, flake food, and repashy with no problems of being picky!

Will ship up to 6 per order!

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Home > Catfish > Ancistrus Pleco