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1 - Burundi Frontosa for 24.00

Burundi Frontosa.

Burundi Frontosa are one of several types of Frontosa from Lake Tanganyika. The Frontosa is one if not the most popular cichlids to come out of Lake Tanganyika . This fish can grow up to or bigger then 14 inches in the your aquarium , but it they are very slow grows. Which is why I think they have stayed so popular in hobbies the other reason would be the striking blue and black and some even have a very dark almost purple color. If you want to grow one of the gentle giants up to full size you will need at lease 180 gallon aquarium . But to start a 29 to 40 will do . The frontosa is a predator by nature in Lake Tanganyika so in you aquarium " if it can fit in his mouth he will eat it " . This fish will bring hours of enjoyment watching it growth in your aquarium . here is a list of tank mates that you my also like .

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Temperature: 74-80F

pH: 0-9.0

Diet - Carnivores - frozen blood worms , brine shrimp , High Quality pellet

General Hardness: dGH 10.0-20.0

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

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Home > Cichlids > Tanganyika