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Awesome Botanical Starter Package!!

Dried and cured tannic botanicals

This is a starter kit of *dried botanicals. You have everything you need to start creating a blackwater environment, building up tannins, and slowly lowering the pH of the water naturally over time. I tried to put a little bit of everything that I would initially add to an aquarium to build up the tannins, lower the pH, while creating a more natural and peaceful environment for the fish. I am selling this for the pure passion of this part of the hobby and I am also trying to raise the funds need to get me to AquaShella, Dallas 2019. Thank you for your support and Blackwater for life!

10X West Indian almond leaves

1oz Crushed Mixed Leaves

2X Almond tree branch

3X Date palm branch

6X TanTan seed pods

1X bunch of Banana leaf

1X Piece of palm "Burlap"

*Remember all dried botanicals are for aquarium use only and not meant for human consumption.

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