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PK Endlers - Guppy Grass (najas guadalupensis), One Portion: $5.00

PK Endlers - Guppy Grass (najas guadalupensis), One Portion: $5.00

Guppy Grass

najas guadalupensis

PK Endlers - Guppy Grass

1 portion. Float it - plant it! Gets large, but can be trimmed back and/or split apart. Will get lanky and sparse in low light. Fry love to hide in it. Removes toxins from water. Water Grown, immersed and submerged. Life span: Creates new plants under the right conditions so, forever (unless you kill it)! Raised in community tank. May contain micro-flora, fauna and snail eggs (Bladder Snail/Malaysian Trumpet Snail). Carefully dipped in a 1:20 bleach solution and then rinsed in API StressCoat+ prior to shipping. Quarantine initially for best results.

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