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Boraras maculatus - group of 6

Boraras maculatus

These little gems are much prettier in person than they are in my pics because they lose a lot of their color when I put them in the photo tank, but hopefully the pic gives you some idea. These diminutive fish top out at less than in inch and are a great addition to a nano aquarium. Also, a large group in a planted display tank is stunning.

These are not fresh imports that are skinny, stressed, and weak. As of the time of this listing, I have had them for 6 weeks. They are fat, robust, and fully acclimated to aquarium life. They eat anything that will fit into their small mouths including flakes, pellets, frozen foods, live foods, and Repashy gel foods.

Peaceful fish that get along with other peaceful tank mates of an appropriate size.

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