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Java fern

Java fern

Microsorum pteropus

Common Name: Java Fern, Microsorum Pteropus

Java fern is one of the most popular aquarium plants in the hobby due to its beauty and easy care. They can grow in low light conditions and a wide range of water parameters. The mini version is perfect for any tank size due to their smaller leaves. The plant can be attached directly onto driftwood, rocks or any aquarium decoration using thread or glue. Make sure to keep the rhizomes above your substrate or the plant can begin to rot. Propagation is easy and straightforward; simply cut or pull apart rhizomes to be replanted.


Java Fern is an epiphytic aquarium plant. This means Java Fern is grown best attached to wood, rock, or sitting on top of substrate

Java Fern will propagate through its leaves. Dots on the underside of its leaves are normal and not a cause for concern.

Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium. Unstable parameters will result in melt and rotting of the aquarium plant.

Burying the rhizome will cause the plant to die

CO2 injection will yield better growth.

Please research appropriately to ensure your plant thrives.

Family Name: Polypodiaceae

Origin: Indonesia

Height: 3-5”

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Low

Co2: Not Required

Propagation: Separate by Rhizome

Growth rate: Slow to Moderate

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Home > Live Plants > Epiphytes & Rhizomes