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Melanotaenia Klasioensis

Melanotaenia Klasioensis

Melanotaenia Klasioensis

These are 1.25-1.5 inch fish that are sold unsexed. Males starting to color up.

This is a critically endangered rainbowfish. If you want to maintain a species that could potentially be extinct in the wild please help me maintain this beauty. Hans Evers noted that they had a difficult time finding any fish within Sungai Klasio but found this fish in stagnant pools next to the creek as cement fabrication is destroying their habitat. The habitat is already very reduced as it is a karst resurgence of water that only surfaces a small area before receding back underground,

This is a beauty of a fish. As you can see in my photo they can turn so orange it's almost red. The dominant male usually shows this color while the sub-dominant males show a maroon purplish color. They are usually colored up in the morning and evening while turning off their colors mid day. They appreciate plenty of space and would do best in a species only tank but do just fine in a community as well. An amazingly beautiful fish.

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