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Honeycomb Catfish

Honeycomb Catfish

Honeycomb Catfish

Duringlanis perugiae (Centromochlus perugiae)

Approximate Purchase size 1.5"+ unsexed juveniles.


This species does best in small groups. The are highly nocturnal and strong swimmers. A 20 gallon tank or larger is recommended.

Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallon

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Peaceful

Aquarium Hardiness: Hardy

Water Conditions: 75-84°C, 1-25°H, pH 4.9-8.0

Max. Size: 2.5″

Color Form: Black, White

Diet: Omnivore

Compatibility: Shoaling, Community

Origin: Ecuador, Peru

Family: Auchenipteridae

Lifespan: 5-8 years

Aquarist Experience Level: Beginner

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