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Blue Eyed Lemon BN Plecos Blue Eyed Lemon BN Plecos Blue Eyed Lemon BN Plecos Blue Eyed Lemon BN Plecos

Blue Eyed Lemon BN Plecos

Blue Eye Ancistrus Pleco

Blue Eye Bushynose

Blue Eye Lemon Bushynose pleco.

Standard Fin

Approximate purchase size: 1.5"

Compatibility: Not an overly aggressive bristlenose but they do need their own territory otherwise will fight within conspecifics.

Sexing and Breeding: Sexing is the same as other ancistrus, males develop bristles round the snout and up the middle of the snout(usually one line), females may or may not develop bristles round the snout but never up the snout.Adult females are wider when viewed from above. Breeding is pretty easy, they are cave spawners but chances are, they will find somewhere if no caves available( may not be suitable) they aren't too fussed by the water parameters but will need good conditions for the fry.

Diet: An omnivore which should be more towards a veggie based diet with occasional meaty foods. It is also thought that wood should be supplied for Ancistrus species as they may eat lignin which is found in bogwood, this is presumed due to the fact that they have very long guts similar to panaques. They also extract Aufwuchs from the organic layer that develops on the wood over time. Veggies such as courgette, deshelled peas, green beans, bell peppers will all be readily accepted from a young age.

Water parameters: Tolerant of most water conditions but should be acclimatized properly if there is a large difference in ph, hardness or temp when being moved.The minimum size tank would be 60 Litres which contains wood and plenty of hiding places.Plants are optional

Max Size: 4.4"

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