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5 Tank-Raised Paleatus Corydoras with free shipping within continental U.S.

Peppered Cory

You will receive 5 tank-raised Corydoras Paleatus - Peppered Cory. Currently about 3/4 - 1" but will quickly grow up to 2.3". They were raised on Bobs Veggie Flakes and Bobs Algae Discs but will accept flakes, sinking tablets, live or frozen brineshrimp. Blood worms are particularly relished as well as Tubiflex, white and black worms. Great for for Corydoras exclusive aquarium or with other docile fish as they are peaceful. They absolutely love planted tanks with wood and a sand substrate. Give them a pH of 6.0 - 7.5 or slowly drip-acclimate them to your pH with temps anywhere from 59 - 77F and I guarantee constant entertainment. Constantly moving up and down in schools, these cute "Aqua Piglets" are guaranteed to relieve your daily stress. Please contact me should you want to purchase a larger group. Paleatus are easily bred and with the purchase of 12, you will receive a minimum of one pair. At Bobs Cory Castle - WE SELL CUTE!

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