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5 Tank-Raised Panda Corydoras with free shipping within continental U.S.

Panda Cories

You will receive 5 tank-raised Panda Corydoras that are currently about 3/4" but will quickly grow to 1.5". Corydoras panda has a light colored boy with black blob covering their eyes (like a panda), a black spot on the dorsal fin, and a spot on or near the base of the caudal fin. Who doesn't love a panda? These cute cories, that I lovingly refer to as "Aqua Piglets" are constantly moving up and down in a school. They do great in a Corydoras exclusive tank or with other docile fish - in other words - nothing too aggressive. They will smile ear to ear if you give them plants and wood with a sand substrate with a pH between 6.0 - 7.4 and temps between 72 - 78F. Guaranteed to be cute and entertaining - the Panda Cory from Bob's Cory Castle. Have an interest in breeding or having a Panda Corydoras only tank and want more? Just contact me. At Bobs Cory Castle - WE SELL CUTE!

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