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Young Killifish PAIRS

6 Barred Panchax

Epiplatys sexfasciatus (togolensis)

Semi-annual Killifish hailing from Nigeria... tank raised for two generations. Adults average 3" (f) - 4" (m), occupy the upper ⅓ of the water column and are generally peaceful, tho they may predate other fish's fry. Males display beautiful, iridescent blues, golds and purples in full breeding dress (3rd pic).

Available fish are young Male/Female PAIRS, averaging 1-1¼" in length... most start spawning around 3" or so.

What are they REALLY like? Most active at dawn and dusk. Not inclined to be jumpy with adequate plant cover. Curious but not overly concerned with activity outside the tank.

Adult males defend a spawning area (about 1' sq) near the surface and will NOT tolerate other males in it. Pairs spawn daily for several weeks, pause for a few and then repeat.

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