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Pearweed and 10+ SCUDS Gammarus Shrimp

Pearlweed & 10+ SCUDS from Scud ( Gammarus Shrimp ) Tank

You will get 1 large portion (hand full size) Taken from my tank that my Scuds Gammarus Shrimp colony is in. Plus 10+ Scuds and Free Bonus Item!

+ FREE Fish , Snail & Scud Food (13 Different Foods Type Mix) +

+ FREE 6-15 Aquarium Plant Seeds

(Anubias , Buce , Beautiful Red Stem Plants , Several Amazing Amazon Swords) chosen by me at random

There is no guarantee of how many Scuds Gammarus Shrimp you will get it's 10+. This is enough to get your own colony started and before you know it you will have 100's.

This auction is for Pearlweed and 10+ Scuds Gammarus Shrimp Plus Freebies

However, if you want to get a Scuds Gammarus Shrimp colony going this is a great way to get one started because you have to have a floating plant for Scuds Gammarus Shrimp to colonize on, and there is none better then Pearlweed for Scuds Gammarus Shrimp to stick to and grow a

Scuds Gammarus Shrimp Colony of

Free Live Aquarium Food for Your Aquatic pets.

Pearl weed is a bright green, stem or floating plant perfect for beginners. It is a very useful species which can be used for both foreground, midground and background. Constant pruning will keep it low growing and spreading runners. Not trimmed will allow it to grow straight up as a background plant. This plant is similar in appearance to other carpeting plants, and can be a low-maintenance alternative.

Pearlweed. I think it is the best plant in the hobby. You can literally do anything with it. These are some of my favorite things to do with pearlweed. I always keep a couple clumps floating in each one of my tanks. It looks totally amazing once it gets growing and does not take long. It keeps growing in a ball and you can easily remove chunks without causing any damage at all. It also is an amazing looking stem plant that will grow great and or planted however it takes a steady hand to plant the small stems but once planted it is easy to keep trimmed all at one level and make a beautiful carpeting plant. Also the floating clumps make a great place for fry baby fish shrimp and baby snails to hide in it and to get all the nutrition they need by eating all the microorganisms that live in the ball of pearlweed. This is also a great plant to make some extra cash with to buy more fish and fish food and more fish tanks. You can sell a sandwich baggy loosely filled for $15 and it will sell quickly and easily. I recommend selling plants and anything aquatic on aquabid

Gammarus Shrimp, also known as Scuds, is a shrimp-like crustacean. It is an easy to culture live food that is an excellent size for many tropical fish. Even adult guppies can eat scuds. Cichlids and many killifish love them. This crustacean reaches about 1cm. This shrimp-like, freshwater crustacean lives on decaying plants and detritus also eating algae and other microorganisms. It is gray to green in color. It has the advantage of surviving aquarium conditions indefinitely so that it can be fed in abundance without fear of water fouling. This species survives happily in aquarium quality water. It can tolerate temperatures as low as 40°F and high as 85°F but prefers temperatures ranging from 64-84°F). Culture containers should be provided a good food source.Culturing scuds is simple in any container that can hold water.

Culture instructions follow:

Scuds can survive winters outside in most of North America, but reproduce best at 64-84°F Then Add a starter culture of Gammarus Shrimp (Scuds), feed on rotting leaves and microorganisms that grow on any surface. Provide adequate surface area to increase the population size. Within 3 weeks there will be enough scuds to harvest. Harvest by netting them with a fish net. Feed the culture with additional leaves or blanched fruits and veggies as they are consumed or decomposed. Partial water changes are beneficial. Cultures are long-lasting and sub-culturing is necessary only when production declines. Nevertheless, it is wise to maintain a spare culture in case of a disaster.

They eat algae on plants, glass, etc. and fish food debris in gravel and also dead plants. They won't eat living plants and are plant safe. They like to eat algae wafers, I give them to eat Green Beans, Homemade Snello with Calcium, and Repashy Community Gel Food, also Blanched Zucchini, and My 13 Different Foods Type Mix. Lots of blanched Veggies, and Calcium for best shell growth and color. My snails are beautiful and Healthy.

Not only do these look good but they are also great cleaners and work well in fry tanks.

Using these scuds as part of your aquariums biotope is extremely beneficial, and will help aid and maintain a perfect balance. This is an ideal clean-up crew / Live Food for those needing substrates plants that need attention to get cleaned.

Scuds will eat hair and black beard algae ect. I've also seen them attack and Kill Hydra Voraciously, this is the reason I originally purchased the scuds and now I have tons of them. They were very hard to find when i first started looking for them but am glad i finally purchased some. so i keep them in a 10 gallon tank for cleaning my plants, whenever my anubias or buce ect get algae on them i toss the plant in with the scuds and in 2 to 3 days it is perfectly clean.

Now as for smaller fish eating them you will be happy to hear that my scuds also live in my tanks with my guppies neons danios white clouds cpd's shrimp and balloon sailfin Mollies and i don't know how many get eaten because they are quite small when first born but must be really good at hiding when they are small because all my tanks just keep getting more and more scuds. Just make sure you feed them well, they really love zucchini and squash about a one inch cube works very well you will see them cover it completely and when they finish it off i put in another peace.however they are opportunistic eaters (like when i had assassin snails they never eat other snails when kept in a fish tank because they eat the easier food first), so once you have a booming colony of them which won't take long, then don't feed them when you have them clean plant algae. but also if you just keep them in your fully planted scaped tank they will get the job done too over time. Most importantly you will see algae becoming less and less verses continuing to get worse and worse. but also the fish do keep the population in check so it has never got to where I have way too many. I just have alot of tanks with them and wanted to share some out to other hobbyists because they are so good for so many things.

Enjoy and If you have any ?'s feel free to ask and I will respond asap thanks


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