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Pearlweed XL Portion Bag Full

Pearlweed XL Portion Handful

Pearlweed XL Portion Bag Full

Pearl weed is a bright green, stem or floating plant perfect for beginners. It is a very useful species which can be used for both foreground, midground and background. Constant pruning will keep it low growing and spreading runners. Not trimmed will allow it to grow straight up as a background plant. This plant is similar in appearance to other carpeting plants, and can be a low-maintenance alternative.

Pearlweed. I think it is the best plant in the hobby. You can literally do anything with it. These are some of my favorite things to do with pearlweed. I always keep a couple clumps floating in each one of my tanks. It looks totally amazing once it gets growing and does not take long. It keeps growing in a ball and you can easily remove chunks without causing any damage at all. It also is an amazing looking stem plant that will grow great and or planted however it takes a steady hand to plant the small stems but once planted it is easy to keep trimmed all at one level and make a beautiful carpeting plant. Also the floating clumps make a great place for fry baby fish shrimp and baby snails to hide in it and to get all the nutrition they need by eating all the microorganisms that live in the ball of pearlweed. This is also a great plant to make some extra cash with to buy more fish and fish food and more fish tanks. You can sell a sandwich baggy loosely filled for $15 and it will sell quickly and easily. and QJF Aquatics on Aquabid

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