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Juvenile Inca Snails

Gold Inca Snail aka Gold/Yellow Mystery Snail

Pomacea bridgesii

Available snails are 1-1.5" UNSEXED light foot (body), Gold juveniles.

Inca snails are large (2-3"), with rich, golden-yellow shells. HIGHLY recommend Calcium supplementation to maintain healthy growth. Tolerant of a fairly wide range of temps - 68-84F and compatible with most fish... some may nip at antennae. Always cruising around looking for food. EXCELLENT algae eaters!

*AVOID all medications/treatments containing copper... toxic to invertebrates.

What are they REALLY like? Colorful, curious and active... always exploring. Readily accept most high veg foods. Safe with most live plants IF they're well fed... hungry snails most definitely are not. And they eat a LOT!

Egg clusters are deposited above the waterline and easily disposed of if'n ya don't want lil ones. Big clutches and fast growing, thick shells also make em worthwhile raising as food for large pufferfish.

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