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Marigold Swordtails Sexed Pairs

Marigold Sword

Xiphophorus hellerii

These Marigold Swordtails have a beautiful color, and would look great in any tank! Pictures don’t do these fish justice.

Get these few while they last!

Swordtail fish are a very popular community aquarium fish. Their popularity stems from their ease of care and peaceful nature. They have quite unique types of fins with a great variety of colors, making them commonly referred to as Red swordtails or Green swordtails. Today, they are bred to achieve various colors and, as a result, great deals of different types exist.

Swordtail fish are average size freshwater species; males are typically slightly smaller than females (6.3 inches) and they reach 5.5 inches maximum. They live in groups, but are not a schooling fish. One of

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