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12 Pack CPD Juvies ON SALE*

Celestial Pearl Danio (CPD) aka Galaxy Rasbora

Danio margaritatus

Stunning navy blue "heavenly fish adorned with pearls" (translation) and showing the red fin coloration of the original collection site... town of Hopong in Shan State, eastern Myanmar.

Available fish are UNSEXED ½-¾" juvenile offspring of the adults pictured. *ON SALE = discounted 10% (shipping NOT included) for a limited time.

What are they REALLY like? True nano fish (¾-1"), best kept in large (as many as possible) schools. Plant and shrimp safe. Prefer cooler temps and a well seasoned AND planted tank. Tend to stay in the lower 1/3 of tank space.

Bred and raised by Bill Buschofsky for 8+ years. VERY well maintained line!

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