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4 plant pack

brazilian waterweed, water spangles, java moss, and mystery plant

Anacharis Elodea Densa, Salvinia minima, and barbieri

Brazilian waterweed - A great beginner plant it will grow according amount of nitrates in the water. It loves to be left floating in the water feeding off fish waste. low to high light. 10 plants

water spangles - are fun plant great for teaching children how water repelling works repelling and how plants grow. It takes Co2 out of the air so it will propagate depending on nitrates in the water. it will change size according to amount of water flow. can be brought down to very cold weather. 20 plants

Java moss- it is the best fish breeding plant gives hidding places for fish fry. you will get one 16oz cup

mystery plant - I choose whatever plant that looks good at the time. It is good to have a little surprise.

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