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Betta brownorum

Betta brownorum

Distribution: Endemic to Borneo


Estimated Size at Shipping: 1”-1.5”

Adult Size: 1”-1.5”

Offering Sexed Fish / Pairs: Sold Unsexed

Overview: A beautiful, peaceful fish which does well with conspecifics and in a community aquarium. Once they settle in, these fish will develop a beautiful deep burgundy body color with a blue-green spot on the side. When they spawn, the male builds a bubble nest under a leaf or in a cave. They embrace in the manner of the well known Betta splendens and the male cares for the eggs and young until they are free swimming.

Setup Considerations: This species comes from still waters, and doesn’t appreciate a strong current. They make a great addition to a nano aquarium and can be kept with other small, peaceful, sedate fish.

Specific Care Requirements: They are not fast eaters, and can be outcompeted by quicker, more aggressive feeders. Also, they jump, so please keep a lid on the tank.

Diet: Flakes, pellets, frozen and live foods are all eagerly eaten.

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