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Blue Ribbon Tetra Blue Ribbon Tetra

Blue Ribbon Tetra

Hyphessobrycon sp. Blue Ribbon

Natural Range: Unknown

Source: Tank Bred and Raised

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Max Size: About 1”

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Overview: This undescribed species of tetra is very similar to Hyphessobrycon melanostichos in color, pattern, and care. I have not found any reliable reports as to its collection location and natural range, but I believe it is from the Tapajos basin. It is small colorful, and, in our experience, quite hardy with a lovely blue color and deep black lateral band running down the lateral line.

Setup Considerations: An easy fish to keep. Most of the typical aquarium setups will work just fine for this species.

Specific Care Requirements: Like most tetras, these are shoaling fish which do best in groups … the bigger the better. In groups, they will feel comfortable which leads to better color, a lot of social interaction, and the dancing display activity which makes these fish so enjoyable.


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