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Florida Air Plant AKA Moss Ball

Tillandsia recurvata

Live Florida Air Plant        AKA  Ball Moss     Tillandsia recurvata 

This is a terrestrial plant.  Approximately fist size.  Attaches to a stick or limb of a tree and produces tiny blue flowers.  Lives on moisture and nutrients from the air.  You will need to mist it often.   Cool item to have around the fish room or anywhere for that matter.  

I see these online for $15 - $20 each but i will throw two in with your fish order for just $5.00.  

I do not ship plants alone.  Sold only as an add-on to fish purchase.

Current Price: 5.00

Stock Level: 100

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Store Name: Tropics Of Tampa

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Shipping: Starts at $19.00 for up to 50 of these