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2 Trios of Blue Tuxedo Guppies


Poecilia reticulata

This listing is for a Trio of Blue Guppies. These are not some special, super rare guppy line. They are just a group I've been breeding for several generations. The guppies are juveniles to adults, they live in a planted tank with cherry shrimp and mystery snails.

In case you were wondering my tank parameters are usually.

75 F

7 PH

0 ppm ammonia

0 ppm nitrite

20 ppm nitrate

4 dKH

200 GH

275 TDS

DOA Policy

Guppies are pretty hardy and shouldn't have a problem surviving the trip. Life can be quite unpredictable though, in the event of any losses you must send a clear picture of the fish in the original/unopened bag they came in, within 2 hours of delivery. Once they are out of the bag, I cannot be held responsible for poor acclimation procedures.

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