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25 Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) and Java moss

Cherry Shrimp

Neocaridina davidi

This listing is for Neocaridina davidi, better known as Red Cherry Shrimp and some of java moss.

Cherry shrimp are great beginner inverts as they are very hardy, relatively cheap and easy to breed. Thus why I'm selling them. This is your chance to start a colony. Each order includes juveniles - adults and I've even included a small ball of Java moss. Cherry shrimp love moss because it harbors micro-life that they graze on 24/7. Java moss grows quickly and will eventually provide a dense jungle hiding spot for the next generation of shrimp.

In case you were wondering these shrimp live in heavily planted guppy tanks and generally run at these parameters:

78 F

7.3 PH

0 ppm ammonia

0 ppm nitrite

40 ppm nitrate

5 dKH

8 dGH

250-300 TDS

DOA Policy

Cherry shrimp are pretty hardy and shouldn't have a problem surviving the trip. Life can be quite unpredictable though so I always send a few extras to cover the unlikely DOA. In the event of any losses you must send a clear picture of the shrimp in the original/unopened bag they came in, within 2 hours of delivery, and we'll work something out. Once they are out of the bag, I cannot be held responsible for poor acclimation procedures.

**Moss may contain Bladder Snail eggs, as they work to keep the tank clean. And where they do their best to keep my tanks pristine, I cannot guarantee they are algae free. If you are worried about either of these things google "bleach dip" for plants. **

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