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10+ramshorn snails 🐌

receive at least 7 juvenile (1/6 - 1/4 inches) Blue Ramshorn Snails raised in my personal pristine planted aquariums. I will add couple extra snails in case some die during shipping. These snails are guaranteed healthy and disease free.

Important Note: Young blue ramhorn look similar to like brown leopard ramhsorn snail. Their outer shell will turn more blue as they age. Your order will arrive near the “Delivery: Estimate by….” from above.

Ramshorn Snail added a natural look to your Aquarium, they don't eat your Aquarium Plants or harms anything. Ramshorn Snail are very easy to raise and breed, if they reach to 3~4 months old they will breed and make lots of baby snail. Ramshorn Snail are perfect for algae and Aquarium tanks cleaner. Ramshorn snails could be use as food for such a Puffer fishes, Loach, etc. THE SNAILS WILL REACH FULL SIZE AND BREED QUICKLY UP TO 1.5 INCHES!

The snails will be ship the next day after payment is received, except on Saturday.

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: Due to the wide-range temperatures across the country some snails may arrive DOA. Please contact me within 24 hours of delivery time (with photo). There will be no refund after 24 hours of delivery. I will issue a refund per DOA snail minus the shipping. Live arrival only guarantees in 48 states exclude Hawaii and

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