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Red Chested Endler (1Male/2Female TRIO +2 FREE FRY)

Red Chested Endlers

Poecilia wingei

The fish you will receive have been bred right here in the Fish Cave, not imported. Males show amazing color with a double sword/forked tail whereas females are slightly larger and fairly plain in color. Pictures are not of exact fish you will receive but are of my same fish stock/strain.

Red Chested Double Sword Tail Endler

Scientific Name: Poecilia wingei

Diet: Omnivore (flake, small pellet, frozen foods, live food, not picky)

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Min Tank Size (in gallons): 5gal

pH Range: 7.0-8.5

Temperature Range 68-80

Max Size (in inches): Males 1.5", Females 2"

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