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Disco 3R*

Albino Comet Goldfish

Carassius auratus

3R stands for - *Rescues, Rehabs and/or Rehomes.... see Store Policy for details.

Available - Back after Winter diapause (updated pics coming) Special Needs** 5-6" UNSEXED juvenile albino Comet. This is a POND fish that prefers COLD water and can mature 12"+ but cannot (see **) live outdoors. Proof of adequate (minimum 75 gal), long term accommodations REQUIRED for purchase... refund will be issued without.

What are they REALLY like? Curious and friendly, easily hand trained with beautiful, iridescent scales! This lil guy had a pretty rough start and has been rehabbing with us for over a year now. Came to us with VERY severe corneal abrasions, missing scales (inappropriate tankmates) and shredded fins. Tho the swelling and infection have been resolved, there is permanent damage to both eyes and it is essentially blind.

**Gets around and eats just fine but should NOT have nippy and/or aggressive tankmates as it is unable to escape, defend itself and compete for food at "normal" speed. Minimal decor recommended for the same reasons.

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