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Synodontis Ocellifer 1"-1.5"

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Aquarium bred and raised/no chemicals or hormones to enhance color of the fish.

This catfish is a light grey brown with scattered black spots. It can grow up to 12 inches long in an appropriately sized tank. This catfish is fairly bold and does not hide. This is especially true when the catfish grows larger.

The tail, or caudal fin, is deeply forked, and has a nice pattern on the tail. This fish is not very picky about water conditions. It can adapt to a wide range of water parameters.

Scientific Name Synodontis Ocellifer

Family Mochokidae

Natural origin Africa

Origin of this specimen Tank born and raised by bioAquatiX

Generation filial F5

pH range 6.5 to 8.0: best 7.0 to 7.5

Temperature range (°F) 70 to 85

Mature length (in a tank) 12 inches

Minimum tank size 5 gallons

Aquarium bred and raised

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