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Melanotaenia sp. "Running River"

Hobbyist Bred and Raised in USA

This line originates from fish obtained from Johannes Graf.

This fish was nearly extinct a few years ago due to the introduction of a M. splendida into its habitat. However, Peter Unmack and others were able to find a few genetically pure fish, breed them, and introduce them into a suitable habitat. This is a fascinating story of species conservation and is worth looking up online. The species is not fully out of the danger zone yet, but at least they are still around!

These are young fish and still have a lot of growing and color development to go through. However, they are hardy, eating well, and are fully acclimated to aquarium life.

These fish are new enough that, as far as I know, they have not yet been scientifically named, so, for now, we will go by the collection location of "Running River."

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