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Assassin snails

Assassin snails

Assassin snail

Clea helena

*Young, healthy, tank raised assassin snails. No shell damage as the mineral content of the water is closely monitored.

*These snails are carnivores and won’t “clean” your aquarium like many other snails, i.e they are not algae eaters. Assassin snails will help keep pest snail populations in check while adding beauty.

*I keep them with a booming population of “cherry shrimp.” Assassins are slow moving critters that spend much of their time burrowed in the substrate. In my experience, they will always choose the easy meal and shrimp are not an easy meal. These snails will eat deceased shrimp but that is a benefit. If you run out of pest snails, assassins will gladly accept sinking fish foods made for carnivores, e.g. pleco sticks and frozen foods. They seldom ever prey on other assassins unless neglected.

*Interesting breeding behavior, a male and female will stick together breeding for up to 24 hrs or longer. The female then deposits one square shaped egg. Eggs usually take around 2 months to hatch and then the baby assassins take refuge in the substrate for a few more months. So these are very slow to multiply. If you don’t want them to breed get one juvenile and your set. Having 2 will not increase the odds of breeding by very much! If you are interested in breeding these snails then I recommend 5 or more, remember they populate slow.

*My apologies for the long description but assassin snails are often misunderstood.

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