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Corydoras weitzmani

I am thrilled to say that these are doing fantastic. Not a single poor eater, skinny fish, or death in the entire time I have had them. This batch is rock solid.

These are highly sought after for their bold black saddle markings which contrast nicely with their light body color. Like most corys, they are perfect citizens and do well in an aquarium with other peaceful fish of an appropriate size.

They are little pigs and are eating well on flakes, pellets, wafers, Repashy, frozen foods, and live foods.

The fish for sale are currently young adults at about 1.5"-1.75", give or take a bit.

Current Price: 19.50

Stock Level: 14

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Store Name: Dans Fish

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Seller Country: United States

Shipping: Starts at $29.50 for up to 3 of these