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Corydoras adolfoi

These are some of the most attractive corys in the world, IMO. They boast a typical skunk pattern, but, unlike lots of "skunk" corys, the black on these is bold and dark and the white is bright, making the contrast much more intense than in most species. In addition, they have a bright gold/orange patch on their shoulders. A school of these is a beautiful thing to behold.

Like most corys, they are perfect citizens in a community aquarium with other peaceful fish of an appropriate size.

The fish for sale are not shaky, freshly imported specimens. They have been in my care for a while now and are fully acclimated to aquarium life and foods. They are eating well on pretty much anything that sinks...flakes, pellets, wafers, frozen food, live food (they go NUTS for blackworms), and Repashy.

The fish for sale are currently around the 1" mark, give or take a bit.

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