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Mosaic Firetail Guppy ( Pair )


Poecilia Reticulata

I am offering a Pair of Mosaic Firetail Guppies 1 male/1 female. The fish you will receive have been bred right here in the Fishroom. Pictures are not of exact fish you will receive but are of my same fish stock/strain. Males are flashy with shiny 'metal heads' and a flowing mosaic tail. Females are larger and most show color on their tail.

This is an extremely hardy and prolific strain.

Pictures are not of the exact one you will receive but they are my pictures from my stock.

Current Price: 20.00

Stock Level: 4

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Store Name: Geo Aquatics Store

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Seller Country: United States

Shipping: Starts at $15.90 for up to 2 of these