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1 Custom Brazil Nut / Ourico Pod Breeding Caves FREE SHIP

Hello all! This listing is for (1) custom brazil nut pod / ourico pod breeding caves. Give your fish a natural looking space to feel safe. Also makes perfect places for Apistogramma and all other dwarf cichlids to spawn. These are 100% all natural pods directly from the Brazilian amazon rainforest. Being a natural product, the pods may have a small amount of dirt or other organics on them. As with any botanical you add to your aquarium, I recommend you boil them for approximately 30 minutes although I have customers who just rinse them off and add them to their aquariums. All pods come from my supplier with a small ¼” hole drilled in the top (see image). Pod shapes and sizes vary slightly and are approximately 3.25”-4” in diameter. More caves available upon request.

Customized Options

Upon purchase, contact us to let us know where you would like the entrance hole to be placed. Or if you would like them with no hole drilled just say no entrance hole.

Bottom hole entrance

Side hole entrance

Top hole entrance

Also what size you would like the hole to be. Hole size pictured below is 3/4 "


3/4 "





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