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(5) Cobalt Blue Zebra Cichlid

Blue Zebra

Maylandia callainos

Cobalt Blue Zebra Cichlid - Lake Malawi - Mbuna.

Scientific Name: Metriaclima callainos

Hobbyist Born and raised, Currently have all sizes available from 1" to 4" adults. You will be sent roughly 1"-3" fish unless requested otherwise. We will gater random mix Male/Female unless you request a specific Male to Female ratio we can do our best to honor, no guarantee.

Fish are USA bread and currently on a mixed diet of Northfin Chiclid pellets, Veggie flakes and Tetra Chiclid. These fish are on the heartier side and we recommend tankmates be lake other Malawi chilids. Raised with Peacock chiclids and never have we had aggression issues with our Blue Zebras and other Malawi chiclds.

Domestic shipping only!

All fish Ship Mon, Tues, Wed via USPS priority. For the safety of the animals, we do not ship fish on Thursday and Friday. We do not want package sitting at a USPS warehouse over the weekend. All fish shipped in Insulated box with Heat packs unless excessive heat is forecasted. Fish will be well packaged to arrive in the best possible condition, as a hobbyist these fish are pets and are treated as such.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

DOA must be photographed in unopened bag within 1 hour of 1st delivery attempt. Shipping will not be refunded, Any DOA will be refunded if properly reported.

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