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Ramshorn Snails 40+ live plant

Ramshorn Snails 40+ live plant

Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn Snails

Great little clean up crew. Ramshorn Snails are great for puffer food as well. It gives the puffer something to hunt. I also read some kinds of loachs like them as well. In any case I love these little guys they eat extra food in the tank and algae. I would not recommend these with goldfish because they can swallow then and get them stuck in there gills. I have had them with gambusia, swordtails, platies, white clouds, zebra danio, and common plecos to just name a few. I have had them outside as well. I would not keep them below 50 degrees. Also please do not order if it is below 50 in your state. I also include a live plant of my choosing with order.

Lastly I do not guarantee alive on arrival I do send extra in case of DOA.

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