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Nebula Steel Metallic Guppies 2 pairs young adults- 2 males and 2 females +4 fry


Poecilia Reticulata

Nebula Steel Metallic Guppies

*** 2 pairs young adults- 2 males and 2 females +plus bonus 1 extra female***

Fabulous rainbows of shimmering Metallic colors! No two of these fish are exactly alike and they change colors as they grow and mature. Many color combinations are possible, blue, black, purple, red, orange, yellow, magenta. silver, pink, and more.

*Genetics from Pete Mang's line*

Home hobbyist bred and raised. Raised outside in summer tubs (mini ponds) for extra hardiness and brighter colors. Very prolific breeders and (in my experience) they don't eat their fry!

Also beautiful viewed from the top in summer ponds, with metallic blue and metallic neon yellow colors seen from above.

The pictures shown are not of the exact fish you will receive. They are of my current stock, and examples of what you will receive.

I ship USPS Priority Mail, which is 2-5 days. Tracking info will be added when your package ships. My shipping boxes are lined with Styrofoam insulation to protect the fish. I use 72 hour heat packs, when needed.

D.O.A. refunds are per fish, minus any extras sent. Must send me message with pictures of fish still in bag within 2 hours of receiving. Shipping and packaging are not refundable.

As with ANY new fish and ANY recently shipped fish, I recommend a standard quarantine procedure.

MS Hippie is a retired home hobbyist. Selling some of my extras helps me fund my hobby and keep it going.


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