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5 Amano Shrimp 1.5"Tank Breed by bioAquatiX

We use natural food only, no chemicals or hormones to enhance color of the fish.

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Is not a colorful animal, but makes up by being a very good cleaner, it is a very active shrimp, will get to 2.5” in size. This crustacean is consistently foraging and moving through plants and mosses looking for food. This shrimp is peaceful and will do well with other small fish and shrimps. It is a scavenger and forage during the day and night, not a picky eater. This shrimp will dig through the surface of the substrate and is good at maintaining a healthy gravel bed. They do well by themselves or in small groups. They are a great addition to any small aquarium and fish bowls.

Aquarium bred and raised

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